If you’re anything like me, then you love when you give your man a gift and it turns out to be something he really loves. When I see him wear or use something I’ve picked out for him, it’s a small thing but a big success in my book and I love patting myself on the back when I get it right.

But every year (Valentine’s, Christmas, birthday, or anniversary time), I wrack my brain about what he would like or I end up flat out asking him for a list, which isn’t very fun at all.


So it becomes somewhat of a challenge for me. Isn’t everything more fun when you make a game of it?

I’ve compiled some real ideas you could Prime right now, plus a printable list you can fill out yourself that will get you to thinking, so you aren’t stressing out when it comes time to go shopping again.

We definitely don’t buy lavish gifts every holiday of every year, but I like to splurge on the man I love occasionally. I don’t know what it is, but I just love wrapping up a special gift for him (call me sentimental).


I don’t suggest you completely break the bank, but I think dudes like to be spoiled sometimes too! Plus, it doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive to be a hit.


(This list contains a few affiliate links, still all my opinions are straight from the heart! Many other products and links are included that do not offer affiliate programs, but I thank you for supporting and those sites that support my blog as well!)


Follow this guide to find him something he’ll love.

GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM -, mama, home.


Hopefully these suggestions got your imagination revved up, thinking about all the awesome stuff your guy would like. Now apply these 5 categories above to what you know about him.



What will he find thoughtful and special?

What will he find useful or cool?


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Nothing compares to a gift that comes from the result of paying attention to someone, their needs, and their likes.



Use this sheet for your brainstorming session, complete with prompts to generate some ideas of your own. 



Gifts are acts of love. They don’t even have to be store-bought or pricey to make a person feel loved. I know several people I would consider excellent gift-givers and I think it’s an fascinating talent.

Just give it a little thought and pretty soon you’ll have more ideas than there are holidays, girl.


Download both PDF printables here:





What is the best gift you’ve ever given or received from your spouse?




by grace & grit,



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