Besides a venti iced latte (which literally makes me better at life), there’s one simple thing I started doing that changes my perspective of my role as a wife.

One day I was a little irritated with my husband for some insignificant reason. He hadn’t done anything truly and profoundly wrong, but it was something like forgetting to pick up dog food when I’d reminded him 4 times (I mean, come on.)

Anyway, I knew my heart wasn’t exactly in the right place because I was practically growling, talking to myself about how it’s such a simple task and it’s the principle and it’s about consideration, blah blah blah.

I sat down at my computer to do something very important and somehow got sidetracked on Pinterest (that never happens). As I’m scrolling along being a growly, irritated person, I come across this pin that wouldn’t leave me alone.

It kept appearing and reappearing and nagging at me even though I made it clear I was not interested in pinning it.

Still, there it was, all irritatingly wholesome and well-meaning: “How to Pray for your Husband Daily”

Since I believe God speaks to us through things like this, I knew I had to click on it. That’s when it hit me.

How long had it been since I’d prayed for my husband?

A week or two? A month or more?

He’s my person. My favorite person. The one who makes my heart flutter and the one with whom I’d chosen to exchange lifelong vows. This was for LIFE, and yet I hadn’t made it a routine to pray for him.

What kind of person am I? A forgiven one, thankfully.Click To Tweet

Even though I hadn’t even realized I was failing at this, God did, and chose to gently bring it to my attention. So I figured, what better time to start than now? I have this pretty list in front of me, so I’ll just start here.

I read the scriptures and the simple prayers, all while thinking of him and his heart. I prayed for wisdom, courage, direction, and protection. I prayed for his leadership of our family, his personal walk with God, his work, and his relationship with me.


Immediately, my heart shifted.


PRAYERS FOR MY HUSBAND - // wife, mama, home.




Those simple prayers, even pre-scripted from the internet, were so powerful.

Praying for my husband for just a few minutes reminded me how to show him grace. It made me feel more tender and loving toward him. It reminded me that I was his partner, supporter, and his person.

I felt powerful.. prayer does that.

I also felt a little guilty. One, for not having implemented a prayer routine specifically for him before. And two, for how ugly I’d been about that dang dog food.

But knowing God loves me despite my shortcomings, so I chose to spend no time on the guilt and just pray more instead.

Praying for my husband has helped my husband; God hears our prayers and his heart is open to our requests.

But praying for him has also changed me.

Quicker do I realize that grace should replace blame and hateful words. Gentleness and kindness toward your partner is not only more pleasant, but it’s God’s design.

Try it. Say a prayer even when you don’t feel like it… especially when you don’t feel like it. It’ll petition the heart of God to move on behalf of your husband.

And it’ll make you want to be a better wife.


Here are a few simple prayers to pray for your husband:

(I often find that after the first two, God’s already doing things in my heart that make the others come easily.)

HOW TO PRAY FOR YOUR HUSBAND - // wife, mama, home.


Want a printer-friendly version to keep somewhere handy?  >> PRAYERS FOR MY HUSBAND by LacyG..





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