ORGANIZED CHAOS: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters –Tip 4 of 5–

Sometimes in an effort to declutter your house, you can’t seem to identify things that to let go of because they do in fact get used.

So you leave them where they are and continue digging through the piles and stacks (of papers, baking dishes, sweaters, etc.) to get to what you need.

BUT, you still have that cluttered feeling, right?

In this case, it may just be that you need to re-evaluate the pertinence and frequency of which you use a certain item in order to help it find its place.

It’s a simple concept that’s really helped transform my organizational skills.

In Tip # 4 of my 5-part decluttering series, I’m sharing with you the concept of pertinence, proximity, and placement.


How to categorize your things into immediate, intermittent, or seasonal use and what to do if they don’t fall into one of those categories.


How a NON-Minimalist Declutters –


Organize & declutter your home and life with these simple tips & tricks. ORGANIZED CHAOS: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters. 5-part video series with



Watch this video for more organizational clarity!




I’ve created a cheat sheet for you to use if you’re a visual learner like me!




Organized Chaos: How a NON-MInimalist Declutters. Organize your life with this video series from




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And don’t miss the final video of this Decluttering Series – Tip #5!





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Organize and Declutter your home and life with these easy tips & tricks you can start today! -- Organized Chaos: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters. A video series with

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