No, this isn’t a magic cure-all to which I’ve just discovered the secret. But since you’re here, just tell me, do you ever feel a little strewn about? Like your life is consistently operating one gear faster than you’re able to move?

I know I do sometimes, so I want to share one thing that’s helped bring some clarity and deceleration to this constant hustle.

Man, life happens so fast and all at once! ..babies and puppies grow, jobs hire and lay off, houses buy and sell, people come and go.

I’m constantly praying for direction, needing a little.. stillness, sometimes. Living a full life can often lend itself to getting in a rut.

Or in some cases, a race.

Activity and routine are both great and necessary for many reasons, but I definitely don’t want my routine to turn into a repeating regimen of blinding boredom, or  worse, an exhausting track of over-work and over-play.

Especially with raising babies, managing a household, and completing the same chores day-in and day-out, sometimes a week can fly by and for the life of me I can’t even remember what we did last Tuesday, much less have taken time to think about next month!


BE STILL PS.46_10. __ wife, mama, home.


But I believe this year is special. It’s going to be different.

I’m going to be intentional, and so can you.

The new-ness of the new year has begun to wear off and now we’re getting into the nitty gritty of 2018, so let’s start getting a grip on these lives that are meant to be lived abundantly, not depleted.

What are your hopes for this year? What would you like to accomplish? How would you like to be better?

Not sure? You’re not alone.


We all want to…

Gain some perspective.

Complete everyday tasks that point in the direction of a bigger goal.

Have a routine that’s more invigorating, stimulating, and purposeful.

Get on track & lead more fulfilling days.


One way to get started is doing this one simple thing:


Hear me out. You might think it’s too trendy to be valuable, but trust me, there really can be power in a single word.

Some years, I’ve looked back and was able to summarize the past twelve months in a single word: transition, pain, struggle, beginnings. There have been years I’ve classified as good years and others I reflect on as being not so good.

But it wasn’t until this year that I decided to set a trajectory for the year BEFORE it took place. 

How can this simple declaration have influence in different aspects of my life?

It took some time and thought. I asked myself questions about where I wanted to be at the end of the year. I had to face some reservations I harbored about setting goals; letting go of the fear that I might not reach them.

So what if I don’t succeed? I’ll still be further along than I am today.

Even just the act of sitting down and putting thought into my hopes and plans for the upcoming year made me feel more grounded. I did some praying, asking God for direction. I wanted to arrive at this word and feel like it could apply to my daily life in many ways. 


ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE - // wife, mama, home.







I finally chose my word of the year for 2018 after asking myself these questions:

  • What would I pursue this year if time or money wasn’t an issue?
  • How would I like my life to be different at the beginning of next year?
  • Are there things in my life that just don’t feel right?
  • What is my WHY? (achievement, individual, financial goal, etc.)
  • How can I bring purpose to my everyday life in a way that achieves my personal goals (i.e. helping others, loving my family, raising my daughter, glorying God)?
  • My word made sense to me, as it was right under my nose the entire time, yet rooted in a deep-seated desire to start living the life I was meant to live – right now, this day, this week, this year.


My word is PURPOSE.


In light of my WOTY, I’ve chosen to pursue the things my heart desires, secure in faith that they align with God’s will for my life. And if they ever aren’t in line, that I’ll have the discernment and discipline to redirect. 


It will be with PURPOSE that I make decisions about parenting, my marriage, community involvement, career goals, physical health, financial wellness, relationships, & the list goes on..


So how do you arrive at your word?

Ask the questions, explore your heart and your mind, and ask God to do the same.

I encourage you to find a word that doesn’t just apply to the physical or material aspects of your life, but can shed light and positivity on your spiritual health, your faith, and the position of your heart toward God and others. 

Are there areas of your self that could use some attention? Perhaps it’s health, habits, or home.

Maybe you’re entering a new phase and desire to cast off the old. Or maybe you’re being drawn to serve, in your community, family, and social circles.

Your word could be an adjective, person, noun, place, object, verb, adverb, or even a phrase (we’re making the rules here). 

There isn’t a master list of words to choose from and it doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone else but you. It doesn’t have to sound eloquent or beautiful or profound, it just has to ring true to you.

The power lies in your relationship and commitment to its meaning. 


It’s my hope that your word will help bring peace to your heart,

intention to your decisions,

and more joy to your everyday life. 



Use this pump-up page to keep your WOTY visible and motivating! Word of the Year 2018




I’d love to hear your Word of the Year for 2018! Please comment below.




by grace & grit, - wife, mama, home.


ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE - // wife, mama, home.




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    1. Kate, those words are perfect for this year, thank you so much for sharing. When I’m feeling impatient, I always repeat to myself, “I have endless patience..” Haha, sometimes saying it out loud helps!

  1. Great post Lacy! My word is stretch! I want to stretch myself to try harder. To do things that are outside my comfort zone. To literally stretch my body and figuratively stretch my faith! To stretch myself to love everyone always!

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