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So as long as I can remember, I could spend HOURS in the skincare aisle trying to figure out what product was going to keep my wrinkles at bay, but also not going to give me cancer. Scanning barcode after barcode with my app, deciding if the high rating was worth the effortless glow each product promised me.

Ultimately, I decided I wasn’t willing to trade my health for nice skin, so especially after I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I pared my skincare regimen down to the bare minimum. All natural, essential oils, you get the drift. And not that there’s anything wrong with that at all.

And then we welcomed baby and hello dark circles! Looking at my face in the mirror, I knew I wasn’t doing myself any favors by foregoing any sort of anti-aging and I’d be kicking myself the rest of my life for not investing in my skin when I had the chance.

But what do I use??? The age-old question.

So when I reached out to my old college friend about doing a guest blog post (she has a daughter similar in age to mine and I trusted her standards on healthy products/eating/etc.), she was a little weirded out when I suggested she write about something health and beauty related.. She had “JUST partnered with a brand new beauty company THAT DAY.” I think she thought I was psychic, but I just think it was meant to be. 🙂

Needless to say, after she briefly told me it was “clean” AND “anti-aging,” it didn’t take me long to abandon the guest blog post idea and request she send me more info on the products.

After trying the samples she sent, I was HOOKED. They felt so luxurious, were free from parabens and other harsh chemicals, and immediately made my face feel hydrated and nourished. A far cry from what my drug store brands were doing for my new mama skin.

And on top of that, I couldn’t stop thinking about the opportunity Amanda mentioned. I talked with my husband about it and thought he would think it was a waste of time, but I was pretty surprised when he was like, “yeah, I think it sounds right up your alley and why not make a little extra money?” (in a nutshell)

I called Amanda back and was like, ok I need in on this! I wasn’t previously with any other social selling company and wasn’t looking for anything. But all I knew was it’s a ground floor company with the potential to be a founder. I don’t even think I knew exactly what that meant, but I wanted in.

So that’s how I came to represent this beautiful brand and to this day, I couldn’t be happier with it. We’re launching TWELVE new products just this year and it’s growing like crazy y’all.

Bellame partners
Amanda & I at our first Bellame event where we first met our CEO, Melissa

Since it’s launch in July 2018, we’ve gone from under 500 partners in the entire U.S. to nearly 10,000! And as large as that number seems, it’s still leaps and bounds smaller than most other social selling companies you’ll find. People are absolutely *loving* the products AND the business.

Our flagship luxury skincare line, Acqua Lumiere, is about to be joined by more than 12 new products that will launch just in 2019 alone. A coconut enzyme exfoliating face polish, an uber-hydrating sleeping mask, and FINALLY some makeup products! The perfect shads of lip gloss with our moisturizing Baobob Oil (oh btw, all of these new products will include the good stuff and leave all the junk out). I can hardly wait to get my hands on these new products.

As much excitement as I have about our growing brand and new goodies, what brings me the most joy about this little company are the p e o p l e. Y’all, the women (and men!) I’ve had the opportunity to meet in this business are nothing short of MAGIC.

They are real people, so approachable, so kind and accepting. No intimidating cliques or weird competitive vibes here — which, to be honest, I was a little shocked about! Usually whenever you get a bunch of women together, there’s an underlying tone of cattiness (you know what I mean), but trust me when I say we’re all cheering each other on. It’s truly heartwarming & feels so, so good to be a part of such a culture.

So that’s why I show up, every day. I make the choice not because I made it back in August, but because I believe in the mission, the results, the people, and the vision – even more now than I did then.

I’m forever thankful to have learned of this opportunity and as cheesy as it sounds, saying yes to this little business has changed my life!

Never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions I can help answer. I’m an open book. 🙂

by grace & grit, - wife, mama, home.

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