I’ve always been a fan of the skincare aisle. You know, that long row of white, blue, and green bottles that promise a brighter future. I could spend hours there. And have on multiple occasions.

But hours spent shopping for moisturizer also meant a TON of wasted $$!! Ughhh I don’t know how many half empty containers of serum, face wash, and eye creams I’ve tossed out in my adult life – but safe to say it’s TOO many.

Being one to make a healthy switch when I can, I’ve felt stronger about clean skincare products in recent years than ever before. And btw, what is all that junk they put in products these days?? Makes my skin crawl.

We’ve all heard that whatever you put on your skin gets into your bloodstream, so you better read the labels on more than just your groceries, dear.

Last year, I finally found a brand that meets BOTH of my basic desires for skincare. It’s CLEAN (no harmful chemicals, fillers, preservatives, etc.) and it actually shows good results on your face (not just in before & after photos on social media).

So since everyone was always asking why I landed on these products to take care of my 30-something skin, I did a little recap for a Facebook event while back. It was easy to come up with a list of things I love, but hard to pare it down to only five!

I really share my heart for why I do this business & how it’s come to mean so much to me. ENJOY!

Don’t you love my thumbnail shots?

Since the event has passed, the Apple Watch giveaway is no longer available, but the sentiment still remains. 🙂

by grace & grit, - wife, mama, home.

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