ORGANIZED CHAOS: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters –Getting Started–

Who gets on the internet to tell everyone how messy they are? #thisgirl. 

Do you have that Type-B personality that favors creativity over order, but sometimes your cluttered space pays the price? Do you tend to collect things, rather than toss them? Do you love to shop and can’t help but pick up the latest gadget, lipstick, or just one more cutesy little journal with a quirky design?

Or in my case, I can’t resist an adorable coffee mug; they just belong in my cabinet. 

I hope some of you can relate to me on this. Although I understand, respect, and find beauty in the minimalist lifestyle, striving to become one would just stress me out a thousand times over, so I have to confess: I don’t foresee my life ever being minimal. (Never say never, but I think I hear TJMaxx calling my name.)

Hashtag, muchness. 


So I’ve compiled a video series of tips that have helped my naturally messy tendencies to not get out of control. After all, I never said I don’t LIKE a tidy home, it just takes an extra concerted effort for me.

Welcome to my decluttering and organizing series from a self-admitted NON-minimalist.

Designed to help bring some order to your chaos. 



Stay tuned tomorrow for the first decluttering tip video!





by grace & grit, - wife, mama, home.


Organized Chaos: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters. A video series with






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