ORGANIZED CHAOS: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters –Tip 3 of 5–

Let me tell you a short story, my friends. On the road to decluttering, there are containers of many different shapes and sizes. And some of those containers live a life of ultimate clutter themselves.

These vesicles can be found spilling over the top with loose batteries, mismatched earrings, holey tights, cheap umbrellas, ratty pillowcases, and half-empty bottles of dry shampoo.

In other words, JUNK.

Still, I’m here to reassure you of one thing: Bins are your friend. 

When used correctly, bins, baskets, trays, and drawers can create a sensible system of sorting and categorizing the items in your home. When before this stuff just sat sad and aimless on the shelf.

Or worse, got thrown into a random junk drawer or basket and forgotten about (while other random items undoubtedly piled up  on top).

There is a way to properly utilize containers in your home and make them work for you.

So for Tip #3 of my 5-part video series, I’m breaking down some applicable methods you can use to incorporate bins of various shapes and sizes into your home organization plan. 

Oh you don’t have a home organization plan? You do now! I can help. 




Organize & declutter your home and life with these simple tips & tricks. ORGANIZED CHAOS: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters. 5-part video series with


I’ve even included some actual photos of simple containers I use in my home to ensure that everything has a place.


Watch my Tip #3 video to be on your way to tidy shelf space, orderly cabinets, and a more organized homelife. 







How do you utilize bins in your home? Comment below your favorite types & uses!




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Organize and Declutter your home and life with these easy tips & tricks you can start today! -- Organized Chaos: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters. A video series with






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