ORGANIZED CHAOS: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters –Tip 2 of 5–

Welcome back! Day 2 of my 5-part video series will touch on the psychology of decluttering, if you will. In order to start thinking like a declutter-er (new word?), you have to identify which items should stay and what needs to go.

There are several categories within those 2 options, but that’s called organizing, which we’ll get into a little bit later in the series. But ultimately, things are either valuable enough to hold on to, or they’re not.

Today we’ll talk about how to make decisions about items in your home and the few simple questions to ask yourself.

In order to declutter, you must train your eye to start seeing each nook and cranny of your home under a more focused lens. Before you know it, you’ll start doing it automatically. 

A couple concepts to consider that will get you thinking..

  • Do I really need 25 different cleaning products even though the cabinet barely closes?
  • If I’ve changed my home decor theme, why am I still hanging on to old art?
  • How many ______ (gloves, koozies, serving platters, rolls of wrapping paper, you name it) are practical and useful? 




Organize & declutter your home and life with these simple tips. ORGANIZED CHAOS: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters. with


Watch this Day 2 video to find out how to see the contents of your home and put them through the ringer. 



After asking the tough questions, you’ll likely determine there are many unused or unnecessary things in your home that you’ll now be comfortable tossing out!


Download and pin this checklist that will help change the way you assess the items in your home. 



Declutter & organize your home by asking these tough questions. Decluttering tips from - wife, mama, home


Here’s a version to pin for later!


Organized Chaos: How a NON-MInimalist Declutters. Organize your life with this video series from







READ NEXT: Decluttering Tip #3!



by grace & grit, - wife, mama, home.



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