ORGANIZED CHAOS: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters –Tip 1 of 5–

Even if organizing doesn’t come naturally to you, there are tricks you can implement in your home TODAY that will allow you to declutter, donate, and toss the things that don’t bring value to you. 

It just takes a little forethought and practice to get started in the right direction. And coming from a non-minimalist like myself, if I can do it, you can too!

Day 1 of my 5-part video series addresses one of the easiest ways to begin right now with your decluttering process, no matter which room needs attention the most.

Sometimes the heavy idea of knowing an entire house needs decluttered is too overwhelming that we never even start the process. 

I’m here to tell you how to start where you are. Literally!




Organize & declutter your home and life with these simple tips. ORGANIZED CHAOS: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters. with


Watch this video to apply this easy tip.



Find a catch-all bin that matches your personal style – you’ll be more apt to use it!



READ NEXT: Non-Minimalist Decluttering Tip #2.




by grace & grit, - wife, mama, home.


Organize and Declutter your life with these easy tips you can start today! -- Organized Chaos: How a NON-Minimalist Declutters. A video series with

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