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Maybe it’s the cold front that’s hit lately, but I’ve been thinking about Christmas earlier than usual.

And maybe it’s that my daughter will be nearly two and thinking about how much fun it will be with her this year makes me a little giddy for the holidays!

I love everything about Christmas. I love the lights, the new traditions with my little family, and the renewed sense of faith that the Christmas season instills.

And I love sending and receiving Christmas cards!

It’s so fun to see photos of your loved ones and how their families have grown and changed throughout the year. I love the tradition and sentimentality of sending a greeting through the mail, rather than just online.

There’s nothing wrong online cards and well-wishes, it’s just exciting to open the mail to find pretty photos from friends and family when Christmas is getting close.

For my fellow traditional Christmas card believers, I thought a simple spreadsheet might help organize our Christmas card lists and keep track of recipients for the next several years.


Get your Christmas cards organized with this helpful tool! Mama, Wife, Home by

Google Doc electronic version: Christmas Card List by

PDF for print: Christmas Card List by



I don’t know why I’d never created one of these organized documents before!

I’m the type that also keeps a leather bound address book, just like my mom always has. I refer to it often and use it to create my Christmas list & reference mailing addresses.

If we receive a card from new neighbors or friends, I transcribe their address into the master address book.

So feel free to use this document how it best works for you! You may choose not transfer all the addresses, or you could use this electronic document as your main address database.

You can print hard copies or use electronically, rename the columns as you please, and even color code the category column to depict groups such as family, friends, co-workers, etc.

If you run out of space, simple highlight, copy, and paste the entire graph to the next page!


I hope this helps you get a head start on your Christmas cards this year.


Happy mailing!




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