Congrats – you’re pregnant! As an expectant mama, the web is your vast resource. You’re searching for baby names, e-registering for the best-reviewed products, and pinning sweet newborn photo ideas, no doubt starting to get a little sentimental about the thought of your little one finally in your arms.

You’re a good mama, already.

Preparation is what we do! So although it’s hard to know what online resources to trust, you don’t have to start from scratch. Here are 18 websites all Mamas-to-Be should bookmark (I personally used all of them!).

(This list contains a few affiliate links, still all my opinions are straight from the heart! Many other products and links are included that do not offer affiliate programs, but I thank you for supporting lacyg.com and those sites that support my blog as well!)

18 Best Websites for Pregnant Mamas





1. TheBump.com 

This site has tons of information from the trying-to-conceive (TTC) stage to parenting and everything in between, however my favorite and most frequently-visited feature was the weekly baby progression, plus daily updates and short, relevant articles based on how far along you are. I devoured the details every week and loved finding out how my little nugget was developing. The website is great, but the app is even handier!


2. Babylist.com 

If you plan to build a registry, this site is amazing! Gone are the days of registering at multiple stores. You can add any item from any website onto this registry and it keeps them all orderly and categorized. Your friends and family can then just follow your personalized link to your registry page and purchase any item they wish. There is a feature that allows you to see which items have been purchased and by whom, but for the sake of surprise, you should really try not to hit refresh every hour. 🙂


3. Ovia Pregnancy 

Not a website, but a mobile app that I used quite regularly. It also has the weekly pregnancy progression info similar to The Bump, but what I found most helpful were two things: food safety lookup and medication safety lookup. I found myself checking these databases if we were eating out at a restaurant or I just couldn’t remember all the recommended do’s and don’ts. Ovia also has great fertility tracker and parenting apps.


4. Jane.com 

Okay this one is just really fun. Daily baby, maternity clothes, beauty, and home deals in one spot and it’s all from super cute and discounted boutiques. It’s so fun getting cute little bibs and swaddles to prepare for your little one, especially when you find a good deal. I hardly leave this site empty-handed, so you’ve been warned!


5. Amazon.com 

It’s no secret I’m an Amazon fanatic and during pregnancy prep is no exception. It’s just SO convenient. I found everything from cute rompers to my favorite pillow (because preggo belly needs some support) and I still keep a baby wishlist for my gift ideas. Pretty much all of the Prime features are perfect during pregnancy: storing weekly progression photos, pantry delivery for regular household items, and video streaming was a must-have at about 3am on sleepless nights. Not to mention their baby registry gives you 15% off completion discount AND have you ever heard of AmazonFamily? Discounted diapers, free books, and tons of other cool stuff..ok I’ll stop, you just have to check it out to believe me. 



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6. TheGlow.com  

A chic and beautiful site that gives you a sense of belonging and depth. Contributors are mothers that share their own hearts and open up about “honest motherhood.” Beautiful photos and a simple design make this site one of my faves. Plus, these women feature tons of great lists and guides to mamalife, preparation, and nursery items & decor you can shop directly from the site. 


7. SpearmintLove.com 

A-dorable and whimsical nursery decor, clothing, and toys that are so, so cute! And the absolute best prints for those soft, muslin swaddles everyone loves. Their stuffed animals, bloomers, and bowties are my favorites and I probably spent way to much money on this site. But come on, woodland animal & fresh fruit prints on a tiny babe? I can’t resist. 


8. PregnantChicken.com 

If you consider yourself a take-everything-with-a-grain-of-salt kind of gal, then this site is right up your alley. I personally liked it and confided in it quite a bit. It’s blunt approach to all things pregnancy and babies is actually refreshing and it doesn’t get too worked up over the recommended shoulds and should nots of being pregnant. There are seriously tons of helpful articles and lists on this site, so check it out and be prepared for a little laugh or two. 


9. WhatToExpect.com 

Also a full-spectrum information source, this site has an abundance of information from conception to parenting. Product reviews, prenatal health, and answers to pretty much any question you might have about pregnancy. I kept this one bookmarked, along with the quintessential pregnancy prep book What to Expect When You’re Expecting.




10. EarthMamaOrganics.com 

Not only is this an excellent source for mama and baby products, but it’s such a cool site full of educational blog posts on what to look for in safe, toxin-free baby skin products, plus breastfeeding tips, and even a complete downloadable birth plan that will help guide the conversation with your OB. I found this site really helpful in understanding what types of soaps and creams I wanted to use (and which ones I didn’t) on my little one! (It’s formerly “Earth Mama Angel Baby”)


11. Motherhood.com 

Comfy, well-fitting maternity clothes are one of your most vital “must-haves” for an enjoyable pregnancy. Motherhood Maternity has plenty of variety of basics, plus even pajamas, swimsuits, and underthings. If you’re unsure about buying maternity clothes online without having tried them on, they have a fit and style guide that is super helpful to get you started, explaining their products in surprising detail. I love these dresses and nursing bras!


12. Etsy.com 

You love it for party invitations and one-of-a-kind gifts, but if you haven’t typed “baby” in the search bar yet, just trust me, it’s adorable. It’s the absolute best place for personalized wall art and receiving blankets, custom bedding, and unique nursery decor. And if you’re planning to do a maternity photo shoot, you’ve got to look at their beautiful maternity dresses! Plus the labor gowns and matching baby swaddles are oh so dreamy. You’ll get lost in all the cuteness.


13. BuyBuyBaby.com 

The brick & mortar store is like Disneyland for the expectant mama, but the website is just a little easier to take in, in my opinion. We bought several pieces of necessary baby gear from here, using the awesome 20% off coupon they send right to your inbox. It’s perfect for applying to those big ticket items, like the crib and carseat, and you can use it in-store or online. I recommend you visit the store at least once as a mama-to-be.. it’s like a right of passage. 


14. BabyCenter.com 

Although definitely on the technical side, this widely-known site is just too informational to NOT list. If you can get past the health class feel, it’s seriously chock-full of educational videos and articles, from fertilization and first trimester to preschoolers and parenting. This website really is an all-in-one: it has a forum, a blog, a non-profit, development calendar, and posts to answer questions you didn’t even know you had. A great go-to!


15. Mothering.com 

If you’re interested in keeping the safest environment possible for your tiny tot (duh), then this site is so very helpful in getting there. Even if toxins or chemicals aren’t on your radar and you don’t consider yourself very “crunchy,” it’s definitely still worth your time. With lots of insightful posts on maternity leave, breastfeeding, and motherhood, this is a well-rounded site that separates fact pieces from opinion and even has a forum where you can get real advice on baby-wearing, diapering, co-sleeping, clean products, and more. 


16. ScaryMommy.com 

There’s some good stuff here. And it all feels like it’s written by your best friend. The one who loves her babies intensely, but also drinks and cusses a little. Chances are you’ve probably heard of this site before, if not already checked it out. I know I did before I was pregnant simply because of the entertainment factor. It’s wide-range of topics cover pretty much everything pertaining to motherhood and womanhood. 




17. RookieMoms.com

Short, easy-to-digest articles and lists that cover topics on baby registry items, gender reveal ideas, nursing bras, and much more. This is another great resource when you’re cruising your online stops to gather info and compare recommendations and suggestions. Check your facts, Mama!


18. CoolMomPicks.com 

Not just for pregnancy, but it has tons of lists and suggestions about fun tech toys, the best birthday party themes (you’ll be thinking about that before you know it), and top baby book apps for your phone. It’s not a baby-only source persé, but has lots of useful lists and neat finds I’ve not seen anywhere else. It’s not just a mom website, it’s a cool mom website. 



There you have it! The absolute best websites for expectant mamas (and daddies!). Check them out, compare, find your favorites, and keep up the good work, Mama!



Are there any other sites that should be added to the list? Comment some of your faves.



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