Babysitter & Child Info Checklist

Date Night! I used to think that sounded so cliche, but now.. NOW, I think it sounds fabulous! Next time you and your man book a sitter and enjoy a night out, use this convenient checklist to leave notes and important details about your children, whereabouts, allergies, and other info.

It’s perfect to keep handy for sitters, grandparents, or even just to store a copy at the house for kiddos if they ever need emergency numbers. Tape it to the inside of a lower cabinet and talk about it with them, so they’ll know where to go if they needed to reach Nana in a pinch. 

My sister had the brilliant idea of including a fire exit plan and meeting spot map in this same place. Genius!


Use this ultimate Babysitter & Child Info Checklist for sitters, grandparents, or even just for kiddos at home. // wife, mama, home.


PDF for print: Babysitter & Child Info Checklist by


Maybe having a copy of this around will remind you to take some time to plan something fun for yourself and your spouse!


***What’s your go-to date night? Leave a comment below!***



by grace & grit, - wife, mama, home.


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