Hey Mama! 

My name is Lacy Gittinger. I love my dreamboat husband, my baby girl, and coffee with cream.

From pregnancy & parenting to marriage & meal plans, I love sharing my heart and home! Let’s navigate mamalife together with intention, grace, and grit.

With faith, babies, husband, self-care & all the many roles we play, I hope to shed some light on the imperfect, the honest, the struggle, and the joy.


And I’ll show you pictures of my puppy and baby over a cup of coffee.


photo by Lacey & Co. 


My husband and I are parents to a spirited 1-year-old daughter and a miniature schnauzer named Spencer and I adore being a mom. We live in a small-ish Oklahoma town and also spend time in south Texas for our home restoration business.

As a lover of hobbies, I get giddy about all things crafty. My hobbies undoubtedly show up now and then, most often in the form of hand-lettering & calligraphy supplies, handy printables, natural living tips, or my latest makeup must-have.
photo by Lacey & Co. 

Why am I blogger?

Because I’ve always been a writer: of poems and plays as a kid, stories and speeches in school, magazines and online outlets as an adult. I’ve blogged here and there in the past, but it wasn’t until I became a wife and a mom that I really felt I’d found my identity as a writer and contributor of information.

I want to share what I’ve learned in hopes it will inform, uplift, and help others in the same season of life.
photo by Lacey & Co. 

As a woman, a spouse, and a parent, with lots of interests inside and outside of the homemaking world, I might fall into a niche, but don’t think any of us are confined to just a few descriptive words. We’re dynamic and layered; we’re moms who love sports, women who love fishing, and girls who love fashion (and countless other combinations). That’s what makes us interesting, flawed, and real.

So although I’m a mama-blogger, don’t be surprised to stumble upon a multitude of other fascinating stuff.

Oh you like a variety of things too?


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