You’ve read all the horror stories, right? The gross things, the untold fears, and all the ways pregnancy can be weird, icky, or downright annoying.

I’m sure you have plenty of girlfriends (virtual & IRL) waiting to unleash their you-won’t-believe-it tales about body changes and doctor visits.

But I’m here to tell you — promise you — that there are good things about being pregnant!

Some women enjoy pregnancy more than others. It all comes down to a preference thing really. (Do you like sharing your body and food? Do you enjoy long bouts of restlessness in the middle of the night, every night? Just kidding. But not.)

Still though, even if you’re not one of those girls who seem to relish every minute of pregnancy, there are still things to marvel at and appreciate.

Here’s what you’ll love about being pregnant:



Like, really nice. I’ve never had more strangers smile at me lovingly (I almost typed ‘longingly’ – definitely not the same thing), people hold the door, or let me go first in line in the grocery line.

People love pregnant women.

I guess it makes sense since it’s the perpetuation of our species. I just never realized it until I started showing and all of the sudden I felt like everyone’s favorite person. So much that it was noticeable and I actually wondered if I would miss all this special attention after I had the baby. I don’t (I do).

Now everyone just looks at the baby when we’re around, which is cool because I don’t really have to wear makeup.

I also noticed that compliments flowed more often and included words like glowing (not to be confused with growing), beautiful, and happy. These mostly came from people that have been pregnant before and know you need to hear those words. Still, it’s nice. People are nice.


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Have you ever gone to the gym and looked in those giant mirrors as you lift the baby pink dumbbells and just felt like a power house? Like bam! I’m so bad-A! That feeling of strength changes your attitude, doesn’t it? Well, pregnancy can be like that.

I know it’s been said, but you’re literally growing another person. Your body is working 24 hours a day to make earlobes and ball-joints and another beating heart. It’s really amazing.

Tiring, but amazing.

Your body is working like God designed: to conceive, house, and deliver another little person into this world. You are capable, miracle-worthy, and strong. You are one bad-A Mama!



Something only you can experience! Not the doctor, or your mother, or even your husband. It’s kinda special that way – just between you and your little one.

Feeling your baby wiggle and turn over while you’re going about your daily routine (debating which leggings to wear today, ordering a tall Sonic drink, or taking a wee nap under your desk) is a pretty extraordinary experience.

Personally, I loved having my teeny one right there all the time to talk to. Once you start to feel him or her move, it makes it more real somehow, not just an image on the ultrasound screen.

Take note if your little one moves at particular times of the day or during certain activities. Many times playing music, talking, or singing will get a rise out of them. So play their favorite song and try not to get a roundhouse kick in rib.


It took me a little while to put my finger on this feeling and it definitely wasn’t something anyone ever told me about prior to pregnancy. As profound as it sounds, I seriously felt closer to God than ever during pregnancy.

Especially after the shock wore off, I started to bond with my unborn child and felt so amazed that God would trust me to be her parent.

A little scared, wide-eyed, and overwhelmed, but amazed.

Just think, throughout time and in all of mankind’s history, this is a new life on the record books. Just as loved by God as any exceptionally favorable person in the Bible you can think of.

And you get to give her a name.

You and God are partners in this deal. His design to give baby people to mothers truly is the best plan possible. Basically, God’s like, “Hey, take good care of this baby of mine, will you?” and you go all Chik-Fil-A like, “My pleasure!”







If you’re reading this blog about pregnancy, then you probably know that pregnant women should be taking prenatal vitamins like it’s their job. You basically leave your first OB checkup with 3 things: ultrasound, due date, prenatals.

What you may not know is these miracle pills will kick your hair, skin & nails into high gear. I had the best hair of my life when I was pregnant and I believe it was partially the vitamins and partially the hormones. That’s my theory anyway. Most of the time, this is the case during pregnancy. (By the way, I was not a fan of the giant pills, so this liquid vitamin was perfect for me.)

So enjoy your Rapunzel-like locks cascading down your shoulders and your skin glowing like you’re on spring break in Cancun. Perhaps it’s a tiny trade-off for the added pounds, sore feet, and other aforementioned pregnancy “secrets” that get so graciously revealed to us. (On the flip side, postpartum hair loss is definitely a thing, but we’re not talking about that here.)


For the love, get some maternity clothes.

It is my sound advice to you to NOT buy pants in a size up and try to secure them below your large and in-charge belly with a rubber band, twist tie, paper clip, or other fastening device. Please love yourself. This is the only time in your life when it’s socially acceptable to wear super comfy, yoga-like pants every day. Pants made of stretchy fabric, with built-in belly panels that support your growing body parts.

My mom had a box (or three) full of Motherhood Maternity clothes shipped to my doorstep and to this day, I’ve never been more grateful for any gift. If a birthday or other gift-giving holiday happens while you’re pregnant, ask for maternity store gift cards.

Loose dresses, tunics, non-underwire bras, maternity leggings (Blanqi is my personal favorite), and belly support bands (like this one or this one) all make my must-have list of maternity clothes.

I wasn’t shy about keeping this wardrobe around as long as possible after my baby made her arrival either. They’re seriously good. I miss them.

Almost as much as pregnancy compliments.




What is your favorite thing about pregnancy?




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