Hey Mama-to-Be, being pregnant is an incredible thing! And it’s lots of work preparing for your baby’s due date.

You’ve probably devoured dozens of lists that remind you to prep freezer meals and double up on crib sheets in preparation for your little one. That is all very sound advice. Solid. Do those things.

I want you to consider doing these things, too. But for you.

Because the first few weeks (months) of mamahood are life-changing, in the best and most literal way. You’re likely going to feel like a different person – emotionally, mentally, and physically.

It’s the best thing. And if you’re anything like me, you feel your best when (kinda) put together.

Here are a few things you can do that will make the transition from pregnancy to motherhood a little easier:


Your hair will likely be in a topknot 90% of the time, but you’ll feel good about having a fresh cut and color.

Even if it’s a trim and shampoo, treat yourself to some self-care. You’re working hard growing that baby – kick your feet up mama. I have to be honest, it might be awhile before you get into the salon again. (Not a beauty parlor kinda girl? Grab a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment and some pretty new hair ties at the drug store!)



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There I was in the ugly, sterile hospital gown strapped to monitors and IVs, beeping and contracting, only my feet peeking out from the foot of the bed. I’m not ashamed to tell you that it felt really good to look down and see my freshly-polished pink toes. You know what I’m talking about. Go, for heaven’s sake, go!

Plus, nearly nothing feels better than to have someone rub on your swollen feet and legs for half an hour.

Come to think of it, go every day if you can.


It’s a small luxury in a whirlwind world of milk, tears, and… other things. Comfy, clean, new underthings – get them. But not the kind you’re going to cry over if you end up throwing them away. And I don’t mean go crazy and replace all your stash, just a week’s worth of easy to match socks and simple, cotton, go-to undies.

After those postpartum showers, you’ll think back to this advice and thank me. You’re welcome.






A full postpartum wardrobe post is coming soon, but this will get you started on a much better foot than I was. For some reason, I didn’t really invest in many “nursing gowns” and didn’t even understand why the concept was a thing. (I guess I thought I could just pull up or down on whatever I was wearing?) Well let me tell you, it is a thing. My stepmom brought me a nursing gown in the hospital and I wore it for two straight days before sending my husband to JCPenney for an exact replica. I’m not even exaggerating.

My advice would be to stock up on a few things that are comfortable enough to sleep in and presentable enough to take guests in. I scrambled together the following and washed/wore it religiously:

  • Soft maternity pajama pants (loose, with a drawstring, keep in mind you’ll probably be rocking a panty line). I lived in these.
  • Sleeveless or short-sleeved nightgowns that would pull down/unsnap for nursing. Next time around, I’ll go with this or this.
  • Comfortable nursing bras. I ordered this 4-pack and wear them to this day.
  • A cozy cardigan to throw on if it got chilly or when someone comes over to bring food.
  • Leggings are an alternative, however I didn’t feel like wearing anything tight until at least week 6. (It’s totally acceptable to wear these maternity ones as long as you want!)

I preferred black clothes, so I wouldn’t have to worry about matching. Clear out a designated drawer or closet space and keep the dressing process as fuss-free as possible. Give it a little thought before your due date and you’ll feel more confident knowing you’ve got some mix & match staples for the first few weeks.


Think of something that is pretty important to your daily routine.

For example, if I don’t do anything else in my makeup routine, I’ll apply a coat of mascara. This one is up to you, but for me it was lash extensions (sounds a little high-maintenance, but I don’t care, they’re fabulous). Getting eyelash extensions prior to my due date was so convenient because I could wake up and instantly feel somewhat presentable.

Not that a full makeup routine ever entered my wheelhouse the first few weeks, but it was just nice to look awake even when I was definitely, certainly not feeling awake. I actually kept my lashes done the last few months of my pregnancy and it was totally worth it. Think of something in your daily routine, beauty or otherwise, that will save you time and task. The fewer, the better.





More tips you might consider…



Take good care of yourself and that sweet baby!




by grace & grit,

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TO DO LIST BEFORE YOUR DUE DATE - lacyg.com // wife, mama, home.

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