Want to include your whole family in celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? When a standard restaurant or movie may not keep their attention and end up more work than pay-off (and doesn’t teach them much about love), you need some ideas for activities that will truly make memories for your family.

Here I’ve collected 40 family date ideas that go beyond the playground or pizza buffet.

All the links below have been researched and added by me without kickback of any kind. They just take you directly to a resource that will help you execute the activity. I know you’ve got enough on your plate, Mama. Let me help!

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40 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families:

  1. Go to a coffee shop after dark for drinks, treats, and conversation. (Here’s a list of hidden kid-friendly drinks at Starbucks)

  2. Write Valentines or thank you cards to troops or veterans. Get started here.

  3. Eat a candlelit dinner at your dining room table, complete with church clothes, fancy foods (finger sandwiches), formal table settings, and proper dining etiquette.

  4. Build a living room pillow fort and watch Swiss Family Robinson.

  5. Explore your city’s tourist attractions or downtown.

  6. Have a pizza party. Make your own mini pizza or order takeout.

  7. Play pictionary or charades.

  8. Go to the skating rink, ice rink, or bowling alley

  9. Build a backyard campfire. Roast marshmallows & hot dogs, snuggle under blankets, talk.

  10. Visit the local animal shelter. If you have time to prepare, take donations such as paper towels, garbage bags, or dog food.

  11. Go to the indoor trampoline park, such as Sky Zone.

  12. Make a craft, such as tie-dye shirts (or thisway), puff paint socks, paper plate crowns, or cute Valentine mailboxes.

  13. Feed the ducks at the local park, fly kites, or go fishing.

  14. Go on a truck bed picnic. Fill the truck bed with pillows & blankets (bonus points for air mattress), take along picnic foods, gaze at the sky, and count the shooting stars.

  15. Make a home movie theater in the living room. Start early and let everyone pick their favorite film (Don’t forget popcorn & snacks!). You could even print movie tickets to keep in the scrapbook.

  16. Play MASH, telephonecat’s cradle(hand string game), paper fortune tellers, origami, jacks, old maid, slap jack, simon says, red light/green light, red rover, ring around the rose, duck duck goose, or other simple games

  17. Volunteer at a local non-profit charity together. (Find one here, here or here.)

  18. Write a bucket list over dinner and store it in a place where everyone can see it.

  19. Go for ice cream or frozen yogurt. Sit inside and eat instead of getting it to-go.

  20. Have breakfast food for dinner & everyone prepares one item.

  21. Prepare a creative “bar” for dinner – baked potato bar, chili bar, taco bar, mac & cheese bar, or hot dog bar.

  22. Go on a morning donut date.

  23. Conduct a family fashion show – have categories such as silly hats, costumes, as many layers as possible, best pajamas, craziest accessory, or different cultural themes

  24. Write notes about what you love & appreciate about one another and “mail” it via messenger (aka designated kid).

  25. Read scriptures about love and talk about God’s purpose for love.

  26. Get aheart-shaped cookie cutter and eat everything in heart shapes for your meal – burgers, baked potato slices, cucumbers, watermelon, cookies, toast, pancakes, biscuits, fried eggs, strawberries (already heart-shaped!), quesadillas, pizzas, cold cuts, cheese, rice crispy treats, mini-sandwiches.

  27. Plan a sport activity your kids always ask to try – indoor skydiving, batting cages, hiking, indoor rock climbing, tennis, go-carts, laser tag, racquetball, or a local sporting event.

  28. Create a monthly family date bank for the rest of the year. Here, here & here are some great ideas!

  29. Paint on a big canvas together. Everyone gets one color and creative freedom! Display it in the family room (if you’re brave).

  30. Visit amuseum or art walk. You might be surprised how much they enjoy it.

  31. Family board game night – play Guess Who, Connect 4, Clue, Operation, Yahtzee, Battleship, Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Uno, Hedbanz, Jenga, or put together a 3D puzzle.

  32. Plant flowers or start an indoor herb garden.

  33. Go to an arcade or restaurant with family games. Play skee-ball and pinball for cheap prizes until your heart’s content.

  34. Rent a hotel room with an indoor pool, order pizza or room service, and snuggle up for movies.

  35. Orchestrate a talent show where each family member performs their hidden talent. (Or create categories everyone must perform in, including vocals, makeshift instrument, and extemporaneous/drawn out of a hat).

  36. Bake Valentine cookies, muffins, or cupcakes and spend the afternoon delivering to neighbors, nursing homes, and fire stations.

  37. Stroll the aquarium or zoo.

  38. Send them on a Valentine-themed scavenger hunt. This one has free printables so all the hard work is done for you!

  39. Play miniature golf or Top Golf.

  40. Go out to your family’s favorite restaurant, order your favorite dishes, including dessert. Treat yo’selves!

Have more family date ideas you’ve found successful? I’d love to hear them!

KIDS DATE IDEAS - lacyg.com//wife, mama, home.

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